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About Us

To service all of these various industries, we employ a wide variety of skilled craftsmen and technologies used in unique ways to create cutting edge products. We are responsible for introducing thermofoil films to the Retail Store Environment as well as the A & D community. The adventure began in the early 1990's when our founder, Art Kubach was on a mission for our A & D customers', seeking casework and millwork alternatives to real wood veneer. At the time there were very few wood finishes in the thermofoil industry, but we began seeking them out and experimenting on cabinet components. 

A few years went by and we launched T.C. Millwork to specialize in casino slot bases and commercial casework. Art kept his eye on the thermofoil designs as printing and embossing technology went digital. We were approached by a large women's clothing retailer to solve a plastic laminate chipping problem with their new oval design nesting tables.  Art revisited the latest thermofoil finish offerings and found a perfect match to the plastic laminate with the added embossing to make it look more like real wood. We created a 3 dimensional oval nesting table top, solving the chipping problem, adding aesthetics for the same value as the laminate table, and hundreds of stores later.....   There was a new buzz in the industry. The rest, as they say, is history. T.C. Millwork has changed the image of many retail interiors while increasing their traffic incorporating new technologies and amazing finishes.


During the years that followed, the richness and variety of the films grew, but it was common to mix the foil products with stained wood trims.  The problem was that the real woods never looked as good as the films.  So we began wrapping molded unfinished parts with our thermofoil films and trimmed the fixtures with moldings that matched, We decided to introduce the molding product to the A & D community for use in Hospitality and Health care. So it was in 1999 that we gave birth to Spectrim Building Products, LLC. 

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