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Spectrim® manufactures pre-finished wall protection, molding, wainscot,
crash rail, corner guards, wall panels, and handrails. All products are
finished in a durable and decorative thermal foil veneer surface. This
surpasses solid wood for consistency, durability, easy maintenance, and
cost savings.

Spectrim® products are produced in our modern 400,000 square foot
facility located in Bensalem, Pennsylvania. We are constantly thinking
outside the box to bring you new ways to solve old problems.

With a total of three separate hot melt reactive polyurethane adhesive
laminating lines, Spectrim® Building Products has positioned itself as a
leader in laminating many different decorative materials to a variety of
substrates; including, but not limited to, creating their own proprietary
composites. These laminating techniques have enabled Spectrim®
to create unique designs at highly competitive and cost effective prices.

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