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Wall Protection

VA Dallas, TX- ICU Waiting

Ven4ma® Wall Protection boasts the most realistic wood finishes in the industry.


Ven4ma® by Spectrim is engineered to provide durable wall protection with aesthetic appeal and exceptional life-cycle value through reduced maintenance and repair costs. Ven4ma® Protective Wallcovering is designed for use in healthcare, hospitality, food service, assisted living, retail, and corporate interior high traffic areas that are subject to abuse from impact, dents, and staining.


Ven4ma®  is a multi-layered fire retardant sheet utilizing a solid ABS backer laminated in a Class A decorative film. All components are available in 16 standard super-real finishes that can be easily coordinated with our popular Spectrim Moldings, Wainscot, and Handrail products. Ven4ma® .040” thick sheets are available in flat and bead board styles. In addition to our sheet goods, trim moldings are available to create a decorative stile-and-rail wainscot appearance.

Ven4ma® Standard Sheet Sizes 

Standard Flat sheet, .040" thick, available 48" x 120" and 48" x 96" (grain runs in 96” or 120” direction only) with no minimum quantity per order for standard finishes. Other finishes are available – see “Finishes” tab on website.  Consult your local Spectrim® representative to discuss the quantity and availability.


Bead Board style sheets are available in .040" x 46" x 120” (grain runs in 120” direction only). Pre-cut sheets to fit your height requirement are also available for an up-charge. Consult your local Spectrim® representative to discuss the quantity and availability of non-standard beaded sheet finishes.

Ven4ma® Stiles, Top Rails, Mullions, Top Caps, and Base Moldings

Our standard thermofoil film finishes wrapped over solid Class A fire rated ABS creating highly durable and decorative trim parts. Mix and match to create a stile and rail wainscot or use contrasting colors for a 2-toned effect.  Provide protection against damage from chairs, gurneys, and other objects.Ven4ma® Components are typically used in waiting rooms, high traffic corridors, or equipment storage areas creating a low profile stile and rail pattern around the Ven4ma® sheets.  All of these moldings are notched in the back to fit over wall sheets to hide the trimmed sheet edges.

Ven4ma® PS Peel and Stick Adhesive


Ven4ma®PS Peel and Stick Pressure Sensitive Adhesive is specifically designed with reface in mind. It is an option for each of our Ven4ma® Wall Protection finishes.  Peel and Stick is a simple and easy method of applying Ven4ma to pre-finished surfaces without the need for liquid adhesives. Ven4ma®PS will save down time, installation time, and curing time, so it saves money!


Easy to Maintain


Ven4ma® Wall Protection is both chemical and stain resistant to prevent discoloration and surface damage from strong cleaning agents.


Easy to Install


No nails or screws. All components are applied to the wall with adhesives. Use our XT2000 adhesive for sheets and trims install with 75AM clear polyurethane/silicone blend adhesive.  See installation instructions for other approved adhesives.

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