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Crown Valances provide your windows with a dramatic, decorative, finished look.


The finish is 12 to 16 mil thick and factory applied with adhesive, heat, and pressure to a medium density fiberboard core that has been shaped into the molding profile. The film veneer equals and often surpasses the beauty of real wood and offers color consistency that cannot be achieved with wood finishes.


SpecTrim also costs far less than real wood finished moldings. There are no knots, sap-streaks, or splits like those found in lumber, so the yield is much greater, for additional cost savings. Some of our wood finishes cannot be produced in solid wood or would be very cost prohibitive as real wood moldings.With SpecTrim®, you get the look you want, plus durable, easy-to-install, maintenance-free moldings that won’t split, shrink, mildew, or discolor. SpecTrim is also environmentally friendly. It is made with MDF, (reconstituted saw dust), that would have otherwise been used as land fill, and our film surface is 100% post industrial recyclable. And best of all, no timber is harvested and no forests are destroyed.



Step 1
Select the Crown Valance Model

• V-213, Extra Large: 6-13/16” HT.

• V-212, Large: 5-5/8” HT.

• V-211,Medium: 3-5/8” HT.


Step 2

·         Provide the length and width of drapery including:

·         Dim-a.

·         Pocket distance from the wall to the

·         inside face of the crown

·         Dim-b.

·         For valances to be finished on both ends, provide the pocket width between the inside finished ends 

·         For valances to be finished on one end only (when a valance butts into an adjacent wall), provide the inside pocket width between the inside face of the finished end return and the face of the ending wall


Step 3

·         For each valance, specify the finished ends as follows:

·         Finished both ends

·         Finished right end only

·         Finished left end only


Step 4

·         Select the color number and color name from the 16 standard Spectrim® finishes. 10 Valance minimum order required.




When properly installed Spectrim Valance products are warranted no less than 1 year from the date of installation against self de-lamination. Surface finishes are warranted against color fade for a period of 5 years.

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