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Vacuum Pressed Panels



The panels used on our wainscot touch on the wide range of thermal forming capability that we excel in. With no minimum requirement, we can create three dimensional finished panels with an endless variety of shapes and edge profiles that are all finished seamlessly providing a monolithic appearance that would be very cost prohibitive in real wood.


We have extensive CNC capability and can machine panels into most any 3 dimensional shape and edge detail.  Logos can be uploaded and machined for an embossed effect.  The largest single panel size is 45"W x 132"L with grain running in the length direction.



  • MDF sheets are cut and edges are shaped.

  • MDF objects can be machined with line patterns, logos, and molded edge shapes.

  • Objects are placed on a vacuum table spaced a few inches apart and side by side.

  • Adhesive is added to all MDF faces and edges.

  • Film is unrolled across the entire table, sealed above the objects, and heated.

  • Vacuums draw through the MDF and film conforms to the shape of the object.

  • The heat is removed and finished panels are cut out of the remaining excess film and ready for use or assembly.

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