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Like our Handrail system, the Spectrim SmartRail has the same classic ADA shape with a new clean and modern look. We offer a variety of new powder-coated metals that can match almost any environment.


During the development of SmartRail, we wanted to provide a new product that was cost efficient and still maintain the durability of our original Handrail system.

SmartRail goes beyond the limits of what we had predicted. With the impact and scratch resistant metal/acrylic combo, this product is near impossible for any company to price match.

SmartRail offers more than just a pristine look and affordable price. We put the customer in our thoughts and brought a whole new perspective to installation. Delivered in pre-cut lengths and labeled pieces, SmartRail is virtually a “plug-and-play” product.  Connect each piece, attach to the desired area, and watch everything come to life.





  • SmartRail can be cleaned with any solvent and is 100% recyclable.



When properly installed SpecTrim SmartRail products are warranted no less than 5 years from the date of installation against color fade.

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