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Grey Wood
Grey Wood
Grey Wood
Grey Wood
Grey Wood
Grey Wood

Premium Finishes


Wood Grain

Solid Color


Customizing SpecTrim

Non-Standard Finishes- 
We offer many other finishes in wood grains, faux patterns, and solid colors and require very low minimums when it comes to vacuum pressed parts, Ven4ma sheets, and flat laminating.  Consult our factory for minimum requirements and availability. We can also send you the best available color matches based upon your plastic laminate control number or and actual control sample provided by you, our customer.  Wrapped products require a minimum of 2500 LF. (Note: Custom finishes can also be created with a minimum commitment of 3,000 linear meters of PVC veneer.)Custom Special


Molding Shapes- 
Most custom shapes can be created with a minimum quantity of 2,500 linear feet using the standard Spectrim 15 finishes. Consult factory for pricing and scheduling.


Custom Panels- 
Feel free to create your own panel system as well as custom components like fluted pilasters, acoustical panels, ceiling panels, cabinet components, elevator panels, etc. using Spectrim finishes (or other available PVC veneer finishes). Our PVC veneers may be vacuum formed for a completely finished face and all edges (shaped edges are easily created), or miter-folded for seamless angular or boxed components, as well as roll laminated for traditional flat board fabrications for edge banding, etc.


There are endless possibilities and we highly recommend that designers consult with us to explore the wide range of solutions available through our state of the art finishing and fabrication techniques.


Wainscot System moldings are stocked in 6 standard finishes. We offer our other finishes when projects exceed 1,000 linear feet for each molded part. Consult your Spectrim Representative to discuss your needs when you would like other finishes for our wainscot system.

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