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Flat Laminating

Using hybrid PUR adhesive technology we offer a wide variety of laminating services.  Laminating Ven4ma, plastic laminate, or Thermofoil films to Medium Density Fiberboard, Particle board, ACM, etc., we can provide full sheets to be machined and edged by other facilities, or utilize our extensive CNC operation to provide cut-to-size parts to your specification.

3D Laminate Panels

The panels used on our wainscot touch on the wide range of thermal forming capability that we excel in. With no minimum requirement, we can create three dimensional finished panels with an endless variety of shapes and edge profiles that are all finished seamlessly providing a monolithic appearance that would be very cost prohibitive in real wood.

Plasma Edge Banding

A very limited number of manufacturers in the country have the capability to create this cutting edge product. The face of each panel is flat laminated with the finest film veneers the industry has to offer – either in our standard thickness, or our high impact resistant Ven4ma product.  The back of the panel is then balanced for stability. Finally, a finish matched, pre-treated edgebanding is applied to the four exposed sides of the panel creating an air-tight, germ free seal. The finished product appears practically seamless, and can withstand the rigors of everyday healthcare use.

Miter Folding

This is a fabrication method that is similar to Oragami. We machine flat laminated panels in unique patterns that are then folded and assembled into a variety of functional shapes.

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