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Spectrim Molding is pre-finished with a realistic, durable, and decorative film veneer.


The film veneer finish is 12 to 14 mil thick and factory applied with adhesive, heat, and pressure to a medium density fiberboard core that has been shaped into the molding profile. The film veneer equals and often surpasses the beauty of real wood and offers color consistency that cannot be achieved with wood finishes.


Spectrim also costs far less than real wood finished moldings. There are no knots, sap-streaks, or splits like those found in lumber, so the yield is much greater, for additional cost savings. Some of our wood finishes cannot be produced in solid wood or would be very cost prohibitive as real wood moldings. With Spectrim®, you get the desired look, plus durable, easy-to-install, maintenance-free moldings.



Spectrim is also environmentally friendly. It is manufactured from MDF, (reconstituted saw dust), that would have otherwise been used as land fill, and our film surface is post industrial recycled. And best of all, no timber is harvested and no forests are destroyed

Wrapped Molding


We shape double refined Medium Density Fiberboard into a wide variety of molding profiles.  With heat, pressure, and adhesive we apply our beautiful wood grain and solid colored films.  The finished moldings have the look of real wood, but at a much better price.  This is a great value engineering solution.


  • ·     MDF is cut and shaped on a molder in 8’, 10’, or 12’ lengths depending on the molding type.

  • ·     Film finish is cut into coils.

  • ·     Adhesive and heat are added while film is wrapped around the linear molding.

  • ·     SpecTrim standard molding in a standard finish has no minimum quantity requirement.

  • ·     Non-standard shapes require 1,000 LF to wrap the molding. Non Standard finishes 2,500 lf.



As conventional wall molding, Spectrim comes as a Crown, Chair Rail, Base, Door Casing, and Panel Molding. It can also be used to trim store fixtures, partitions, cabinetry, etc., and coordinate with various other laminate and wood finishes. Our film veneers can also be thermally formed onto 3D shaped MDF panels. Uses include door and drawer faces, decorative wall panels, headwalls, and elevator panels.

Perfect for Hospitality, Health Care, and Food Service where durability and easy cleaning are important.

Spectrim® moldings are great fit for Commercial, Multi-Family, and Residential areas as well.

Corner & End Caps

Ven4ma is profile formed to fit over the mitered molding corner or finished end.  Our protective caps are made from the same heavy duty sheet used in our Ven4ma wall protection products. They are sized 2" x 2" and extend the full height of the trim molding with matching finish and horizontal grain direction.

Customizing Shapes


Custom profiles can easily be created for similar cost savings over real wood, provided a minimum order of 2,500 linear feet is produced. Smaller quantities may be acceptable for a set-up fee and we welcome your inquiries.




There are hundreds of film veneer finishes available in our library. If you need a non-standard finish, where quantities permit, simply send us a sample or give us a laminate number, etc. to attempt a match or a close compliment to the finish you are looking for.


In addition, Spectrim has the capability to #1 match any laminate finish. Please contact local representative for further details.




Spectrim Moldings are installed much the same as traditionally finished wood molding. For best results, Spectrim® should be placed in the installation area 48 hours prior to installing to adjust to the climate of the room. Cut molding as required using a powered miter box saw with a sharp carbide 64-tooth triple chip blade. Attach with panel adhesive and an 18-gauge nail gun, or pre-drill and counter bore for narrow head trim screws. Touch-up with our matching wax putty fill sticks.




Spectrim® Moldings can withstand cleaning with most liquid solvents. Denatured alcohol or mild soap and warm water work best for most stains. Never use citrus, abrasive, or powdered cleaners. Small stains may be spot cleaned using small amounts of concentrated solvent chemicals, such as acetone, M.E.K., gasoline, ethyl acetate, gasoline, or toluene.




When properly installed Spectrim Molding products are warranted no less than 1 year from the date of installation against self de-lamination. Surface finishes are warranted against color fade for a period of 5 years.

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