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SpecTrim Building Product occupies over 435,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities in Eastern Pennsylvania employing over 100 of the area's finest crafts people. These highly trained and skilled employees have access to state-of-the-art equipment, from plasma edge banders and CNC equipment, to custom built machinery engineered to our exacting specifications. Our designers, working together with some of the country's finest machinery manufacturers, have developed and brought to our shop floor highly specific workstations. This Equipment enables our workers to perform tasks that are exclusive to SpecTrim Building Product's custom products.


With a total of three separate hot melt reactive polyurethane adhesive laminating lines, SpecTrim Building Product has positioned itself as a leader in laminating many different decorative materials to a variety of substrates; including, but not limited to, creating their own proprietary composites. These laminating techniques, which have been learned over the last ten years, have enabled SpecTrim Building Product to create unique designs and fixtures at costs rivaling Asian manufacturers. 


The benefits of these efforts are far reaching, affecting both the quality and cost of the finished products. SpecTrim Building Product continues to be at the forefront of innovation in the retail industry, necessitating the design and development of new tools and technology. We maintain that our design and engineering staff is second to none when it comes to value engineering your ideas in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. The majority of our project management staff has a background in manufacturing. This enables the seamless integration of customer needs translating directly through to the manufacturing process.

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