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Flat Laminating


Using hybrid PUR adhesive technology we offer a wide variety of laminating services.  Laminating Ven4ma, plastic laminate, or Thermofoil films to Medium Density Fiberboard, Particle board, ACM, etc., we can provide full sheets to be machined and edged by other facilities, or utilize our extensive CNC operation to provide cut-to-size parts to your specification.



  • Substrate sheets (MDF, etc.) available in most thicknesses and lengths are passed through a glue application roller.

  • Moisture-cured PUR (polyurethane adhesive), especially formulated for adhering to plastics, is applied to the substrate face.

  • The sheet then passes through a set of rollers where the film, Ven4ma, or laminate is applied.

  • After the adhesive cures, panels may be cut, machined, and edged for various panel products.

  • There is no minimum for this process when using SpecTrim standard finishes.

  • Non-standard finishes are available and have a minimum requirement depending on the finish and usage

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